The MIND LAB Masterclass

Learn the science of training your brain to ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS and create the life you want.


7-Module Video Program To Learn The Science of Goal Setting
Brand New Mind Lab Workbook 
Access to Future Learning Opportunities 

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Learn The Science Of Goal Setting and Reprogram Your Mind

Apply Science

By learning simple ways to understand nueroscience, heart-brain communication, and quantum physics you can apply them to achieving your goals fast. 

Gain Clarity

The Mind Lab's unique framework shows you easy and practical methods for gaining clarity and confidence about your future. 

Take Action

If you don't know where you are going then you don't know what actions to take. At the end of the Mind Lab program you will have a clear map of your future. 

Welcome To The Mind Lab Master Class


Understand the science behind your thoughts and how your thoughts create your reality

Hosted in Over 20 Cities Globally 

Live Mind Lab events have been hosted around the world with hundreds of participants experience clarity, confidence, and more energy to create their future. This program has been utilized personally by our company, by hundreds of participants in live workshop experiences and by our client organizations, and it is proven to be extremely effective in unlocking unknown potential to develop life and business strategies that plot trajectories for success and rapidly create the future.

Join The Mind Lab 21-Day Masterclass

21-Days - Seven Module Video Program 

21-Days of the Mind Lab Master Class: Tyler and Jon to walk you through the entire Mind Lab Goal Setting process to learn how you can plot a trajectory of success for the next 3-months of you life and business. 


In Module 1 Discover how your past neural programming and limiting beliefs are holding you back from creating your future.

In Module 2 Explore the power of hacking the subconscious mind..

In Module 3 Perform Background Research in the subconscious mind and retrieving important information.

In Module 4 Construct A Hypothesis and Design Mind Maps for Unlimited Possibilities.

In Module 5 Test The Hypothesis in the emerging future.

In Module 6 Drawing A Conclusion by designing a timeline for our future based on the results from the Mind Lab experiments

In Module 7 Report The Results of the mind lab process and begin to take actions

Mind Lab Workbook

• Tools & Frameworks For Exploring & Hacking Your Mind

• Writes of Passage for Investigating the Past and The Future

• Techniques for Developing Heart-Body-Brain Coherence

• Frameworks for Exploring Quantum Reality & Quantum Consciousness

• Construct and Test Hypothesis Using Quantum Split Tests

• Mind Dump, Mind Map, and Timeline to Create Your Future With Confidence & Clarity

• Micro Meditations to reprogram the subconscious mind and access new visions

The Most Advanced Program on Goal Setting & Mindstate Development

The Mind Lab Is One of The Most Advanced Programs On Goal Setting and the Science of Manifestation. Designed For Individuals, Entrepreneurs, and Emerging Leaders Ready To Take A Quantum Leap - Beyond Ordinary Living - While Activating The Human Mind In Ways That Are Pushing The Boundaries of Human Potential and Future Creation.

What Are People Saying?

"Honestly, I think the things you guys are teaching may be the single most important thing that anyone can learn to truly change their life." - Jenny (Entrepreneur)

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Proven Results

Numbers are important. We survey participants to ensure that they get results. Participants gain more clarity about their future, discover new goals, and have more energy and confidence to achieve their goals. The Mind Lab gets results!

We Will Be Your Guides

Each season (Solctice and Equinox) we launch a Mind Lab Masterclass and guide you through the entire process. You can leverage our experience, mistakes, and expertise to fast-track your life and business goals. In three-months you can learn what it took us 3-years to develop. 


(1) 7-Module Video Program To Learn The Science of Goal Setting

(2) 21-Days of Content & Programming

(3) Brand New Mind Lab Workbook

(4) Access to Future Learning Opportunities 

($1,299 Value for Only $199)

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Start learning the simple science of achieving your goals and hacking your future. What are you waiting for?